Hope you find these links useful in the fight to restore democracy to the USA and promote decency throughout the world.


Activism Hubs_Your Daily Dose

Public Citizen

Link Crusader (huge link collection, alt media and activism)

Znet: A Community of People Committed to Social Change
(many articles and links)

Michael Moore

Common Dreams (Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community)
This is one of the best sources for commentary

The National Priorities Project

Make Them Accountable


(Vote to) Impeach Bush (pushing a million votes)

Impeach Bush (more info on how to do it)

Impeach Bush Coalition


Empowerment Resources (check “Green Guide…” at bottom)

Congressman Bernard Sanders: Vermont’s Independent Senator
(one of the few voices of reason left in American politics)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
(thanks to Bush, I just recently joined them for the first time)

Center for American Progress

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Human Rights Watch

Rachel Corrie Memorial Website
Bravery that makes the rest of us look pretty small

Voices in the Wilderness

The Electronic Intifada (a Palestinian perspective)

GDS Project (more Activism Links) (Your online Anarchist community)

The Ruckus Society

FZLN – Zapatista Liberation


Friends of the Earth

Natural Resources Defense Council

American Library Association
Support their efforts to fight the “Patriot” Act.

Veterans For Peace

Pieman’s “Deshrubify Amerikka: F-You George W. Bush”
(Huge set of anti-Bush and progressive links)

Real News

Democracy Now!

Jim Hightower (America’s No. 1 populist)

Brian Ross’ The Blotter (hot stuff!)

Greg Palast

Media Matters

Current World News (nicely organized roundup)

AlterNet.orgCenter for Public Integrity
(Balanced advocacy journalism site; exposing government and corporate corruption by both right and left)

Media Transparency (the $$ behind conservative media)

Progressive Daily Beacon

Project Censored (“The News that Didn’t Make the News”)

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Crooks and Liars

Cost of the War in Iraq (if the human toll doesn’t move you; then watch the $$$ roll by on this running tabulator at thousands per second–out of your wallet and those of your great greatgrandchilden)

Baghdad Burning (live blog from Iraq)

The Huffington Post

Eat the State! (“Politics with Bite!”)


Link Crusader (alternative media and activism; 700+ Anti-Bush links and more)

The Public Eye

Mike Hersch (political comment and analysis)


Independent Media Center (international news not heard in USA)

InMotion Magazine (“a multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy”)

The Daily Kos blog


The Washington Note

PBS Frontline

60 Minutes (CBS)

Iraq Body Count (the numbers BushCo. doesn’t keep track of)

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

New Internationalist

Rabble (world events from a Canadian perspective)

Red Pepper (world events from a UK perspective)

Progressive Review

The Masses Are Asses

Free Thinking Americans (blog with well-considered analysis)

The Smoking Gun (everyone’s favorite skeleton-in-closet archive)

Snopes Urban Legends Reference (check: Politics/Rumors of War)

Global Free Press (youtube-based; video smoking guns)

The Truth,

Talk.politics.misc newsgroup

More Info Links From the Left

Fringe Folk (good links)

The Green Party

The Green Party Platform

The Workers Party

Jay’s Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources

Democracy Watch (from Canada; check his links on the left)

Rack Jite (a humorous take on politics, issues)

Rush Limbaugh Online (lies of the “truth detector” analyzed)

News Hounds (“We Watch Fox so You Don’t Have To”)

O’Reilly (Fox falsehoods)

Bush Watch

The Rational Radical

Faux News Channel (Fox News spoof and biting commentary)

A Radical Blackfoot

The Red Feather Dictionary Of Critical Social Science (progressive terms defined)

World Socialist Web Site

Socialist Worker

Corporate Abuses (“Holding corporations accountable”)

Corporate Watch

The Corporate Accountability Project

PR Watch: Center for Media & Democracy

Center for Economic and Policy Research

The People Centered Development Forum

David C. Korten
(***this guy is brilliant!)


Corporate Crime Reporter

Corporate Welfare Shame Page

Multinational Monitor


Electronic Frontier Foundation

Beyond McDonald’s (other multinationals)

Polaris Institute

Sweatshop Watch

Insurance Justice (the failure of health insurance)

Drowning in Debt (at Center for American Progress) (-“And You Thought You Lived In A Democracy”)

Worker’s World Online

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

McSpotlight (anti-McDonalds page)

Wal-Mart Watch

Wake Up Wal-Mart

The Bush Economy (at Bush Watch; old but informative)

The Nazi Hydra in America (history of fascism in the USA)

Pigs at the Trough
Arianna Huffington’s book about the corporate pillagers

Corporate Law: A History (essential to understanding how our system really works)

Anti-SUV Portal

Globalization, WTO, etc.

Global Trade Watch (at Public Citizen)

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (at Global Trade Watch/Public Citizen)

Center for Research on Globalization

50 Years is Enough (Anti-IMF; for global economic justice)

Global Exchange (“a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world”)

People’s Global Action

Co-op America’s Guide to Ending Sweatshops and Promoting Fair TradeMaquila Solidarity Network

National Labor Committee (a human face on the global econ)

Economic Policy Institute

Reclaim Democracy (“Restoring Citizen Authority Over Corps.”)

IATP Trade Observatory (formerly WTO Watch)

AdBusters (culture jammers take on global consumerism)

Defrauding America (good stuff inside, but get past the verbosity and conspiratorial tone)

Great Dissident / Alternative Voices



  • “I Am Prepared to Die” (Nelson Mandela’s inspiring 1964 defense speech; one of history’s greatest orations) (***essential)

H.L. MENCKEN (old school social critic)


M. Wendell Berry (homage to Kentucky’s agrarian poet/Luddite)

Free Speech, Privacy

Freedom of

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Free Speech Links

Alternative Media / Print (online)

The Village Voice

The Utne Reader

Metroland Online (NY Alternative Newsweekly)

The Chicago Reader

The Nation
(not alternative per se, but good)

The Progressive

Online Newspapers (1,000s wordwide)

Al Jazeera

ArabNews (“Saudi Arabia’s First English Daily”)

Alternative Media: Radio / Online Streams

Air America Radio

Radio for Peace International

Alternative Radio

Radio Netherlands
(good international news source)

WBAI, NYC (“Your Peace and Justice Community Radio Station”)

Pacifica Radio

Democracy Now

Radio Habana Cuba

Clandestine Radio
(CIA, propaganda and spy radio stations!)
(weird, coded espionage broadcasts on shortwave)

The Conet Project (spy code radio stations)

Conet Project Recordings (in MP3 format; down page)

Religion, Skepticism, Freethought

Freedom from Religion Foundation

Theocracy Watch

The Bank of Wisdom
(by Emmett Fields, Louisville’s preeminent freethinker)

Is the Bible the Word of God?
(by Emmett Fields) (***essential)

Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man (1782) by the Marquis de Sade (this can be found at many websites)

Bible Absurdities (at Secular Web/

The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine (at Secular Web)

The Age of Reason (at Project Gutenberg)

The Secular Web

The Skeptic Tank (“Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”)

The Rationalist’s Manual by M.D. Aletheia (at The Secular Web)

Positive Atheism

Atheism Online (with a huge blogroll of other sites)

Basic Atheist Arguments (can be found at several sites) (“destroying gods through education and entertainment)” (Not currently online)

Matt Wallace’s Compleat Atheist
(View from a Republican conservative secular humanist atheist)

Church of the Apathetic Agnostic

Freethought Firefighters International

Heathen Handbook

Uncle Roger’s Opinions on Religion

Celebrity Atheist List

The Unofficial Stephen J. Gould Archive

Processed Foods, Health, Buying Locally

Preservatives, Cancer and other Toxic Effects (at

Pesticide Watch

Food Additives

Organic Consumers Association

Fluoride Action Network

Soil Association

American Grassfed Association

Mad Cow Disease (at Organic Consumers Assoc)

Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page (good background)

Real Food (at Friends of the Earth)

FoodRoutes: Where Does Your Food Come From?

NRDC’s Bottled Water Survey (see Appendix A)

Depleted Uranium

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Watch

Depleted Uranium Education Project

The Drug War

Stop the Drug War (The Drug Reform Coordination Network)

Drug War Facts

Drug War Clock

Drug Sense

DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy

Common Sense for Drug Policy

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Drug Policy Alliance

Health Care (or lack thereof)

FamiliesUSA (“The Voice for Health Care Consumers”)

Physicians for a National Health Program

Travel Broadens the Mind

Tommy’s List of Live Web Cams Worldwide

The Principality of Sealand (an abandoned oil derrick in the North Sea is the last free place on Earth. Pathetic, humans.)


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